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Welcome to Music

'Music training not only helps children develop fine motor skills, but aids emotional and behavioural maturation as well, according to a new study, one of the largest to investigate the effects of playing an instrument on brain development.'                                                                                                                                   NZ Herald, July 2015

Music is an integral part of life at Baradene College.  We have a thriving music department and alongside music in the curriculum, all girls have the opportunity to learn one or more musical instrument and to join the many co-curricular musical activities run in school.

After extensive research of Auckland and oversea music programmes in schools, and its benefits on the academic achievements and wider life skills gained, we are proud to introduce the Year 7-8 Instrumental Programme for 2017 and beyond. This means that all year 7 and 8 students will be playing a band or orchestral instrument (strings, woodwind, brass) during their normal music lesson during school hours. For more information, please click here.

For more information on classroom music, curricular and NCEA music classes, please visit our Music Faculty page here http://baradene.ultranet.school.nz/WebSpace/62/

For information on our music groups and music lessons/tutors, please read on

At present there we have 3 choirs, 3 bands and 3 orchestras to suit the various level of playing as well as wide range of musical styles from classical to contemporary. The top groups are selective and take part in the regional and national competitions with great success. Senior students take pride of the music success and continuation of the musical culture in the college, with tutoring and get-togethers organized proactively to encourage the junior musicians to raise their standard of playing as well as passion to pursue higher level of musicianship in performance.

Students of all standards are welcomed.  These ensembles enrich college life and connect with the wider musical community through playing at festivals and competitions.

We also offer itinerant and private lessons for a wide array of instruments and singing.

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We are in the process of updating our 2017 Music Brochure and will be posted soon.

Our 2016 Music Group achievements at both regional and national events are:

2016 Big Sing- Schola Senior Choir - Commended
2016 KBB Music Festival- Concert Band- Silver
watch their performance here https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4p1UklCfGZCSnoxYTRYWl9NYWc/view?usp=sharing
2016 KBB Music Festival- Senior Orchestra - Silver
watch their performance here https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4p1UklCfGZCeURfZGVyRThsZmM/view?usp=sharing
2016 National Concert Band Festival - 4 Silvers and 2 Bronze
2016 Kids Sing – Cor Unum Choir – Bronze
2016 Young SIngers in Harmony- Baradonna Chorus- 3rd in regionals and 9th nationals

Our Orchestra and Choir went on the Europe Music Tour this April- video available to view here https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4p1UklCfGZCRS1sZG1JM2Rqblk/view?usp=sharing

Further to our groups’ achievements, our girls have achieved ABRSM, NZMEB and Trinity College exam passes throughout our itinerant and private music lesson system, as well as representation at the New Zealand Secondary School Orchestra, APO Summer School, APO Mentoring.  We also have an University of Auckland Pettman Academy full scholarship recipient.

For a full list of our music achievements, please refer to our Term e-Newsletters.

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