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         2017 College Financial Contributions
Baradene College Limited is the Proprietor of the College and responsible for the collection of the Parent Financial Contributions.

Parent Financial Contributions
The Contributions detailed below show the GST exempt portion which qualifies for the Donation Income Tax Rebate. A Donation Tax Receipt is automatically posted but is also available on request. 

The Dues identified as being GST inclusive are based on the present level of GST of 15% and are subject to change by Government. This portion does not qualify for the Donation Income Tax Rebate.

The first member of each family attending the College pays the full Financial Contribution (Junior/Senior Contribution). There is a discount of 5% for the second member of one family attending the College at the same time and, for the third and subsequent members of one family attending the College at the same time, there is a discount of 10% of the Financial Contribution.  This discount does not apply to Attendance Dues, Activity Fees, or Camp Charges.

Baradene College Special Character contributions are incorporated in the Senior and Junior Contributions.

Attendance Dues
Attendance Dues (including GST) for 2017 are $206.00 per term for Seniors and $105.00 per term for Juniors. The Ministry of Education approves the rate of Attendance Dues under Section 36 of the Private Schools Conditional Integration Act 1975 in respect of the groups of schools forming part of the Diocese of Auckland Common Fund.  The Attendance Dues are paid to the Auckland Common Fund and must be applied to the group of schools solely for authorised purposes under Section 36, of the Act.

College Contribution
The College Contribution is $337.65 (GST exempt) per Term. This Contribution is to cover extra resources for the benefit of students including additional staffing, curriculum resources, information technology and co – curricular activities.

College Magazine
The charge for the College Magazine of $32.60 (plus GST) is based on one per student. This cost is set by the Baradene College Board of Trustees.

School Camps
The Camp charges for 2017 are $345.00 for Years 7 and 8, and $395.00 for Years 9 and 10. These costs include GST.

Parent Teacher Association Levy
The annual subscription of $10.00 per family is collected on behalf of the PTA.

Alumnae Association
A one-off levy of $50.00 is collected from each Year 13 student on behalf of the Alumnae Association. This is for lifetime membership of the Association.

Master Development Plan
Detailed planning continues on the preparation of a Master Development Plan to provide quality teaching and learning facilities for the students and to ensure future projects are appropriately co-ordinated and prioritised.

The Parent Financial Contributions provide for the Special Character Programme within the College and assist in the repayment of bank loans which have been committed for capital works and the new developments scheduled in the Master Plan.

Financial Contributions requested from parents may be revised from time to time in the light of rising costs. The College reserves the right to make any such revisions during the year after advising parents.

The Annual Financial Contributions for 2017 are as follows:

+ Click here for Y7 & Y8 2017

+ Click here for Y9 & Y10 2017

Edmund Lawler
Baradene College Limited