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                             Senior Orchestra

The Baradene College Senior Orchestra is made up of 50-55 players largely drawn from Years 9 – 13 students of Grade 4 standard and above.  It is an enthusiastic and vital, vertical community within Baradene where the girls play a wide variety of music from Baroque to Contemporary which not only inspires but which they enjoy.  The Baradene College Orchestra performs at school masses, assemblies, concerts and prize giving as well as participating successfully in the Annual KBB Orchestra Festival.

The 2016 Europe Music Tour saw both orchestra and choir tour Italy, Croatia and Austria, with performances in Rome, Dubrovnik, Cilipi, Zagreb, United Nations and Sacre Coeur Wien in Vienna. The orchestra girls also took part in the workshop at the Vienna Music Conservatorium, one of the largest and recently voted best music tertiary institution in the world.


Covered by the $200 Music Group Levy.

Rehearsals:  Thursdays 7.30am - 8.30am in the auditorium

Commitment:  The students are expected to make a regular commitment to rehearsals, performances and concerts. 

Musical Director:

Ms Mary Lin (Head of Department – Music).

Contact: music@baradene.school.nz 524 6019 ext 747

We are keen to encourage and build up all sections of the orchestra especially the strings: Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass.

Bring It Together
March Slav - 00 Audio
Ode To Joy - 00 Audio
Happy Happy Joy Joy - 00 Audio
Tidal Fragments - 00 Audio
Happy Happy Joy Joy
March Slav
Ode to Joy
Tidal Fragments
KBB 2015
One foot in the grave, three feet on a banana peel
Four German Songs Suite
German Songs Arragement (1)
Delivery Once Upon a December
Once Upon A December
21 - 4 German Songs - Alto Saxophone
18B - 4 German Songs - Violin III - 2015-02-08 - Viola
23 - 4 German Songs - Baritone Saxophone
Into the Storm Orchestra
Into the Storm Orchestra
Three Dances Tarantella by Rossini Orchestra
Into the Storm
Three Dances Tarantelle
KBB 2016
Harry Potter Orchestra
Cumberland Cross Orchestra
married life violin 3
Married Life
march of the toys orchestra
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Married Life
March of the Toys
over the rainbow full set