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                          Specialist Music Teachers 2017

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There are two categories of Music Specialist teachers at our school:

1.    Itinerant Music Lessons

The Itinerant Music programme is supported financially by the Ministry of Education. Places on this programme are limited as the Ministry allocates a set number of hours it funds for each school.  If you would like to take advantage of the Itinerant Music Programme, you must be aware of the commitment to attend regularly. There is often a waiting list for these places and students will lose their place on the programme if they are not committed. Students are also expected to join a school ensemble group as soon as they are proficient in their instrument. 

Itinerant Lessons are available on the following instruments: 
                                         + Brass (French Horn, Trombone, Trumpet)
                                         + Bassoon
                                         + Cello
                                         + Clarinet / Saxophone
                                         + Double Bass / Bass Guitar
                                         + Drum
                                         + Flute
                                         + Oboe
                                         + Violin & Viola
                                         + Voice (classical)

$100 a year to cover photocopying and administration.
Commitment:  Regular Attendance.
Contact:  Mary Lin (Head of Music) mlin@baradene.school.nz

Applications are due in by the end of Week 2 in Term 1.  Students may be put on a waiting list if there is not an available place.

Click here for the Itinerant Lesson Application. This has detailed Terms and Condition.
Click here for Instrument Hire Application.

Email Your Enrollment to us!!!

Email student's name, year level and instrument of choice to music@baradene.school.nz. You will then be contacted with tutor information and timetable. There is a $100 itinerant music lesson levy to cover music and administration costs. This fee is payable via the Parent Portal. Applications close end of Week 2 Term 1. Lessons start Week 3.

2. Private Music Lessons

There are a number of private Music teachers who teach at Baradene College.  Fees vary per instrument.  Please contact the private teachers directly if you would like to arrange lessons.

Private Lessons are available on the following instruments: 
                                        + Harp