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Welcome to Technology

Technology challenges students in a way unlike any other subject. Within areas such as control, food, communications, structural, dynamic, and bio-related technologies, creative design processes and materials, students work creatively and analytically to identify, trial and evaluate potential solutions, and eventually put their ideas into practice.

Technology has natural inter-relationships with other subjects such as the sciences, social sciences, languages, the arts and health and physical well-being.


As a subject technology allows students to:
+ Build on existing knowledge, skills, values and aspirations
+ Learn through failure, recognise the value in alternatives and unexpected outcomes.
+ Take risks, challenge their thinking, show initiative, make choices and be responsible for their own learning
+ Connect with experts or specialists within the community.
+ Work cooperatively and collaboratively

This key learning is also incorporated into other subjects within the Faculty.


+ Be creative, energetic and seize the opportunities offered by new knowledge in the classroom, relationships and     experiences.
+ Be confident with their own identity, be motivated and resilient to limitations.
+ To develop and enhance the students unique potential and recognise the worth of others.
+ Be future focused and make informed, critical decisions that are strongly connected to social and moral implications.
+  Have high expectations of themselves


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