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 Welcome to Year 12 Drama

Welcome to Level 2 Drama!
You will all have done well in Level 1 and are now ready to face the challenge of the next level. This level is more demanding. 
The units of work are longer and you are expected to work at greater depth. 
There is also a greater expectation in terms of written work.

This course aims to:

  • Develop your ability to use drama techniques to create character and dramatic meaning
  • Develop your ability to use drama elements and conventions to express ideas in a structured performance
  • Explore the world of drama, theatre and performance, and extend your understanding of the role of drama and theatre in society
  • Develop your ability to accept, build upon and be sensitive to the contributions of others in group situations
  • Develop your drama literacy
  • Give you the opportunity to watch, appreciate and evaluate a variety of performances

We will work in a different way this year. 

This will require you to take more responsibility for your learning journey. 

You will make some choices about what you prepare for assessment.

 The year is divided into two main sections. 

For each section we will study an important theatre style and practitioner: Realism / Konstantin Stanislavski and Non Realism / Bertolt Brecht . 

We will spend a lot of time exploring each style and practitioner, read plays in that style, do exercises to develop our skills in using that style and discuss the influence of each practitioner on world drama and theatre.

Then you will have some choice of activities based on each style to present for assessment.  You may choose to use some assessments as practice or formative assessments.

Resubmission and Attendance

You will notice that this is a very full programme.  Although you have the opportunity to choose your assessment tasks, you do need to take responsibility for your choices.  Remember that you will always be working with others in a group.  If you have to miss an assessment, you must inform your group and teacher well in advance.  If possible, we may be able to arrange an alternative time.  However, this cannot jeopardize the chances of other class members and will only be done in exceptional cases.  If you know you cannot attend an assessment, you must apply for an extension from your teacher in writing and in advance.  Serious illness requires a doctor’s certificate.

Live Theatre Performance

As a part of this course you are required to attend at least two live theatre performances as a member of the audience.  The external exam requires that each student is able to discuss at least one performance they have attended.  The Drama Department will provide you with several opportunities to view live shows through the year.  It is your responsibility to meet the cost of the ticket and the transport.  It is important for you to attend other shows on your own as well.

Stationery and Uniform

  • You will need a series of exercise books or art books for your written work – one for each unit of work.  We will discuss the written/visual requirements for each unit.
  • For all practical drama classes, suitable clothing must be worn.  This needs to give you freedom of movement and can include PE uniform, shorts, track pants.  For all practical assessments you will need to wear plain black/white/grey clothes suitable for the particular assessment (unless you are in full costume).  Organise this well in advance.

Enjoy your year and work hard!                

Ms V Davidson : HOD Drama

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