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“Life Made Easy at Baradene”

At Baradene we have a nurturing Big Sister Little Sister Programme. In Year 7 you are partnered with a Year 13 who becomes your Big Sister. It definitely helps you to settle into a new school. Having a Big Sister when you are in Year 7 is extremely helpful; it makes you feel welcome and safe in your new school.

My Big Sister is Alenka. She is really kind and without a doubt has helped and supported me to settle into the Baradene environment. Alenka has given me someone to look up to and wish to be like when I am in Year 13. Alenka has shown me around the school and explained where everything is. She has made me feel welcome and confident at Baradene; I feel like I belong in the Baradene Family.

There are also Shared lunches! You get told where to go or your Big Sister comes and gets you. Everyone brings in some food and puts it in the middle and shares the scrumptious lunch.

You also get to give each other presents on each other’s birthdays, at Christmas, and Easter.

I feel that the Big Sister Little Sister programme at Baradene works extremely well to make every student at Baradene feel like they’re welcome and wanted. Baradene pulls you into its enthusiastic arms with open and welcome hands. This is just one of the things that makes you feel the Cor unm Spirit of Baradene.

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