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                Curriculum Information: Year 7-8

National Standards

From 2010, all schools with children in years 1-8 will be using National Standards in reading, writing and maths.  The standards are a description of what all New Zealand children are expected to be able to do in reading, writing and maths in years 1-8. They have been developed by the Ministry of Education and subject experts.

Why are they being introduced?

The standards give teachers, your child and you a clear idea of where your child is at in reading, writing and maths, and what they have to do next in their learning.  Doing well in reading, writing and maths will give your child the skills and knowledge they need now. Working at or above the standards during years 1-8 means your child should be on track to finish secondary school with a worthwhile leaving qualification – NCEA level 2 or similar.

"Your child needs to do well in reading, writing and maths to do well at all subjects."

The reading, writing and maths standards are used by teachers to:

  • plan and teach what your child needs to learn in reading, writing and maths across all curriculum subjects.
  • work out where your child is at
  • work out your child’s next learning steps and set goals for learning, together with you and your child
  • report clearly at least twice a year to you about your child’s progress and achievement in relation to the standards.

Is there one national test?  No

How will the teacher work out where your child is at?

The teacher will continue to use many different ways to find out where your child is at in reading, writing and maths. This includes:

  • using a range of formal tests/assessments
  • watching your child working in the classroom
  • talking with them about their learning
  • your child assessing their own and each other’s work.

Some children will need more time and support to work towards the expected standard. The teacher will work together with you and your child to help them to achieve their next learning goals.

Working together with your child’s teacher

You have an important role to play in your child’s learning.

Having a good relationship with your child’s teacher, clearly understanding where your child is at and working together to support your child’s learning will help them do their best.

Questions you could ask the teacher:

  • How well is my child doing?
  • What can they do well?
  • What do they need help with?
  • What are they going to learn next?
  • What do you need to know about my child to help them in the classroom?
  • How will the school support them?
  • What can I do to help at home?
  • What is the best way to keep in contact about how my child is doing?

How is my Child Doing?
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Supporting Your Child's Learning
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