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Classical Studies


Classical studies encourages students to make links between past and present civilizations, to imagine a possible future. By exploring diverse values and traditions, viewed from their own cultural perspectives and those of others, classical studies prepares students for informed and active citizenship in New Zealand and the modern world.

By understanding the political, military, religious, philosophical, technological, artistic, and aesthetic developments of the ancient Greeks and Romans, students learn how the past continues to inform the present. From the rise and fall of powerful individuals and empires to the creativity and invention of artists and engineers and to the formulation of ethical systems and the evolution of social justice, students become increasingly aware of the debt owed to classical Greece and Rome.

Classical studies fosters thinking and inquiry skills by exploring classical sources and by debating issues within the context of the key concepts. Students not only gain an enthusiasm for classical civilizations but also learn to select, organise, and communicate information clearly and logically and to evaluate the reliability of evidence. By learning about the diverse and complex values of these societies, students develop the ability to form and reflect on their own viewpoints, respect others’ viewpoints, and make informed judgments based on critical thinking.


  • An introduction to the Classical World- Greece and Rome
  • Greek Architecture
  • Homer’s The Odyssey
  • The Trojan War
  • The eruption of Vesuvius
  • Pompeian Wall Paintings



  • An introduction to Classical Studies, and the Roman Empire
  • Virgil’s Aeneid (literature studying the heroic myth of Aeneas and how he escapes the devastated Troy in order to fulfill his destiny, with a little interference from the Gods in his journey)
  • Roman Art and Architecture (including a study on what influenced the Roman world, a close up look at major pieces of sculptural art, functional and religious architecture, anda look at relief sculpture)



Tutorials are given during the year for Year 13 students interested in Scholarship. Students need to speak to their Classical Studies teacher to enrol.



In order to access teaching and learning resources from your teacher, log in to the Baradene website and navigate to ‘My Dashboard’.